Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advance (MCA)

Qualification Criteria:

Terms: 4 Months -18 Months
Credit Score: 500+ FICO
Time In Business: 3 Months
Minimum Revenue: $5,000/Month
Max Judgements/Liens: $150,000
Minimum Funding: $2,500
Maximum Funding: $600,000
Origination Fee: 3%

Specific industries may have additional requirements for approval and funding. Ask our representative for more details.*

Overview of the Program

Very High Approval Rates!

A Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) provides an innovative financing solution for businesses in need of quick access to working capital. By leveraging a portion of their future credit card sales, businesses can receive an upfront sum of money which can be used for a variety of operational needs, from inventory purchase to expansion efforts. Here’s how businesses benefit from an MCA and why it stands out as a financing option:

How Businesses Benefit:

  • Fast Access to Capital: One of the primary advantages of an MCA is the speed at which businesses can access funds. After a simple online application process, approved businesses can expect to see the funds deposited into their bank accounts promptly, making it an ideal solution for urgent financial needs.

  • Flexible Repayment Terms: Unlike traditional loans with fixed monthly payments, MCAs are repaid through a percentage of daily or weekly credit card sales. This means that repayment aligns with the business’s cash flow, offering greater flexibility during periods of fluctuating sales.

  • No Collateral Required: MCAs do not require collateral, which means businesses can secure funding without the need to pledge assets. This is particularly appealing for small businesses that may not have significant assets to use as collateral.

  • Minimal Eligibility Requirements: The eligibility criteria for an MCA are generally less stringent than those for traditional bank loans. Businesses with a solid history of credit card sales are often eligible, even if they have a less-than-perfect credit score.

Why an MCA Stands Out:

  • Adaptability: MCAs are designed to accommodate the inherent variability in business sales. This adaptability makes it a suitable option for seasonal businesses or those experiencing unpredictable sales patterns.

  • Ease of Application: The online application process is straightforward and efficient, allowing business owners to apply for funding without the time-consuming paperwork and long waiting periods associated with traditional bank loans.

  • Alignment with Business Success: Since repayment is a portion of sales, the MCA provider only succeeds when the business does, creating a partnership dynamic where the interests of both parties are aligned.

  • Access for a Wide Range of Businesses: The MCA model opens up funding opportunities for businesses that might not qualify for traditional financing due to industry type, size, or credit issues.

In summary, a Merchant Cash Advance offers a blend of speed, flexibility, and accessibility that traditional financing options cannot match. It stands out as a tailored solution for businesses seeking to navigate the complexities of cash flow management without the constraints of fixed repayment schedules or the need for collateral.

Who Can Apply for a Merchant Cash Advance?

Eligibility Requirements for Merchant Cash Advance with lendDEFYâ„¢:

To qualify for a Merchant Cash Advance from lendDEFYâ„¢, small businesses are primarily evaluated based on their volume of credit and debit card transactions. This financing option is designed for businesses in a variety of sectors, providing them with an opportunity to use their future sales to obtain immediate working capital. The key requirements include:

  • Credit/Debit Card Transactions: Your business should have a consistent history of credit and debit card sales, as these figures are essential for calculating the advance amount.
  • Documentation Review: Applicants are required to submit recent credit card processing statements and business bank account statements. These documents allow lendDEFYâ„¢ to assess the business’s financial health and cash flow. Additional financial documents, such as invoices, may also be requested for a more detailed understanding of the business’s operations.

How Merchant Cash Advances Work:

The process for obtaining a Merchant Cash Advance from lendDEFYâ„¢ is streamlined for efficiency:

  1. Application Submission: Businesses apply online, providing necessary documentation to demonstrate their sales history and financial situation.
  2. Approval and Disbursement: After reviewing the application, lendDEFYâ„¢ approves the funding and deposits the advance amount directly into the business’s bank account, ensuring rapid access to funds.
  3. Flexible Repayment: Repayment is conducted through a predetermined percentage of the business’s daily or weekly credit and debit card sales. This flexibility ensures that the repayment amount adjusts with the business’s fluctuating sales volume, aligning repayment with actual cash flow.

Why Choose lendDEFYâ„¢ for Your Merchant Cash Advance:

Choosing lendDEFYâ„¢ for your Merchant Cash Advance offers several distinct benefits:

  • Customized Funding Solutions: Understanding that every business has unique needs, lendDEFYâ„¢ provides personalized advance amounts based on your specific sales and operational requirements, ensuring that the funding effectively supports your objectives.
  • Adaptive Repayment Terms: Our repayment model is inherently flexible, designed to accommodate the ups and downs of your business’s sales, offering financial peace of mind during lower revenue periods.
  • Efficient Application Process: We prioritize your time. Our application and approval process is quick and straightforward, facilitating fast decisions and quicker access to funds so you can concentrate on your business.
  • Partnership and Support: At lendDEFYâ„¢, we view our role as more than just a provider of funds; we are your partners in growth. We are committed to offering transparent, equitable financial solutions tailored to your business’s journey.

lendDEFYâ„¢’s Merchant Cash Advance is structured to provide broad access to capital for businesses, focusing on the potential and performance of your business rather than solely on credit scores. This approach enables a diverse array of businesses to secure the funds they need to expand and succeed, with the support and partnership of lendDEFYâ„¢ every step of the way.

Can I Get a Merchant Cash Advance with Low Credit?

Yes, obtaining a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) with lendDEFYâ„¢ is possible even with low credit. Unlike traditional financing options where credit scores often play a decisive role, lendDEFYâ„¢ adopts a more comprehensive approach when evaluating MCA applications. Here’s what we consider:

  • Business Performance Over Credit Scores: While many funding companies weigh personal or business credit heavily, lendDEFYâ„¢ focuses on the overall health and performance of your business. A less-than-perfect credit score isn’t necessarily a barrier to obtaining a Merchant Cash Advance.

  • Key Evaluation Criteria: Our assessment goes beyond just credit scores to include:

    • Business Revenue: We look at your business’s revenue to gauge its financial stability and growth potential.
    • Time in Business: The duration your business has been operational can indicate its resilience and long-term viability.
    • Credit and Debit Card Sales: As MCAs are repaid through a portion of future card sales, your sales volume in this area is crucial.
    • Business Credit History: While not the sole factor, we still consider your business’s credit history as part of our comprehensive review.

Why Choose lendDEFYâ„¢ for Your Merchant Cash Advance?

  • Flexible Approval Criteria: lendDEFYâ„¢ understands that credit scores do not tell the whole story. We’re committed to supporting small businesses based on their actual performance and potential, making our MCAs accessible to a wider range of businesses.

  • Tailored Funding Solutions: We recognize that each business is unique. Our MCAs are designed to meet your specific financial needs, offering a flexible and practical way to access capital.

  • Quick and Simple Process: We’ve streamlined our application process to be as efficient as possible, ensuring that you can quickly get the funding you need without unnecessary delays.

  • Partnership Approach: At lendDEFYâ„¢, we view ourselves as partners to your business, offering not just financial solutions but also support to help your business thrive.

In summary, a Merchant Cash Advance from lendDEFYâ„¢ offers a viable funding option for businesses with low credit, focusing on the broader picture of your business’s health and performance rather than limiting evaluations to credit scores alone. This approach allows us to provide funding solutions that are adaptable to your business’s needs, helping you achieve your goals even when traditional banking institutions might not be an option.

How Can My Business Benefit from a Merchant Cash Advance?

A Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) from lendDEFYâ„¢ offers a flexible and efficient solution for businesses seeking quick access to working capital. Unlike traditional small business loans, MCAs provide a streamlined funding option with repayment terms that adjust to your business’s sales volume. Here’s how your business can benefit from an MCA:

  • Immediate Access to Capital: MCA’s provide businesses with upfront cash, enabling you to quickly address immediate needs or capitalize on opportunities without the wait associated with traditional loans.

  • Flexible Repayment Options: An MCA’s repayment is tied to a portion of your future credit and debit card sales, making it inherently flexible. This means that when sales are higher, you’ll pay back more; when sales are lower, your repayments will decrease accordingly.

  • Suited for Various Business Types: MCAs are particularly beneficial for businesses with seasonal sales patterns or those that generate a significant portion of their revenue through credit card transactions. This flexibility ensures that repayment terms align with your business’s cash flow.

Why Partner with lendDEFYâ„¢ for Your Merchant Cash Advance?

Choosing lendDEFYâ„¢ for your MCA brings several advantages:

  • Customized Funding Solutions: We understand that each business has unique needs and challenges. Our MCAs are tailored to fit your financial situation, providing the right capital to meet your goals.

  • Adaptive Repayment Structure: Our MCAs are designed with your business’s cash flow in mind. The flexible repayment structure ensures that you can manage repayments more comfortably, adapting to your business’s natural ebbs and flows.

  • Rapid Funding Process: At lendDEFYâ„¢, we prioritize efficiency and speed, ensuring you can access the capital you need without unnecessary delays. Our straightforward application process is designed to get funds into your account swiftly.

  • Support and Partnership: We view our clients as borrowers and partners. lendDEFYâ„¢ is committed to supporting your business’s growth and success, offering financial solutions that help you thrive in competitive markets.

A Merchant Cash Advance from lendDEFYâ„¢ gives your business the agility to navigate financial challenges and seize growth opportunities. By offering immediate access to capital with flexible repayment terms, lendDEFYâ„¢’s MCA is an excellent tool for businesses looking to maintain momentum and expand their operations.

Is a Merchant Cash Advance the Same as a Business Cash Advance?

Yes, a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) provided by lendDEFYâ„¢ is essentially identical to what is commonly referred to as a business cash advance. The distinction lies solely in the terminology used to describe the financing product. Both terms refer to the same financial solution designed to offer businesses swift access to working capital by advancing funds against future credit and debit card sales. Here’s why they are considered the same:

  • Fundamental Concept: The core idea remains the same, whether called a merchant cash advance or a business cash advance. lendDEFYâ„¢ provides your business with an upfront sum of money, which is then repaid via a percentage of your future card sales.

  • Flexible Repayment Structure: Both financing options utilize a repayment model that adjusts with your business’s sales volume, offering greater flexibility compared to fixed-payment traditional loans.

  • Purpose and Use: The objective of MCAs and business cash advances is to support businesses needing quick funding to cover operational expenses, manage cash flow, or seize growth opportunities without the lengthy approval processes associated with conventional loans.

Why Understanding This Matters:

Recognizing that a merchant cash advance and a business cash advance are interchangeable terms helps clarify the financing options available to business owners. It emphasizes the adaptability and accessibility of this type of funding, particularly for businesses that might not qualify for traditional bank loans due to strict credit requirements or those needing rapid financial support.

Choosing lendDEFYâ„¢ for Your Advance Needs:

At lendDEFYâ„¢, whether you refer to it as a merchant cash advance or a business cash advance, our commitment is to provide a straightforward, efficient pathway to funding tailored to your business’s specific needs. Our flexible repayment terms, the quick application process, and dedication to the partnership are designed to support your business’s growth and success in today’s dynamic market environment.

Understanding the synonymous nature of these terms ensures that businesses can make informed decisions when seeking financial solutions, recognizing that lendDEFYâ„¢’s MCA offers a flexible, reliable option for accessing the capital needed to thrive.

Understanding the Difference: Merchant Cash Advance vs. Small Business Loan

Regarding financing options for businesses, it’s crucial to distinguish between a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) and a small business loan, as each offers unique benefits and operates under different terms. Here’s a breakdown of the key differences:

Merchant Cash Advance:

  • Nature of the Transaction: In an MCA, a financing company like lendDEFYâ„¢ purchases a portion of your business’s future credit and debit card sales at a discount. This arrangement provides your business with an upfront sum of working capital.

  • Repayment Terms: Repayment is tied directly to your business’s sales volume, with a percentage of daily or weekly card sales going towards repayment. This creates a flexible repayment schedule that adjusts based on your business’s revenue, offering more flexibility during periods of fluctuating sales.

  • Quick Access to Funds: MCAs are known for their rapid approval and funding processes, making them an excellent option for businesses needing quick financial support.

Small Business Loan:

  • Nature of the Transaction: A small business loan involves a straightforward lending arrangement where the lender provides a fixed amount of money to the borrower upfront, agreeing that the money will be repaid over time according to a set schedule.

  • Repayment Terms: Repayments are fixed and do not fluctuate with the business’s sales or revenue. This means regular, predetermined payments that include principal and interest, regardless of the business’s financial performance.

  • Approval and Funding Time: The process for obtaining a small business loan can be lengthier, often requiring more extensive documentation and credit checks, slowing down access to funds.

Why Choose a Merchant Cash Advance from lendDEFYâ„¢?

  • Flexibility: An MCA from lendDEFYâ„¢ offers an inherently flexible repayment structure, adjusting to the natural ebb and flow of your business’s sales. This can provide peace of mind and financial stability for businesses with variable revenue.

  • Rapid Financing: lendDEFYâ„¢ prides itself on the speed and efficiency of its MCA funding process, allowing businesses to access the capital they need without unnecessary delays.

  • Tailored Solutions: We understand that every business’s needs are unique. lendDEFYâ„¢ offers customized MCA solutions designed to match your business’s specific financial situation and goals.

In summary, while both merchant cash advances and small business loans can provide valuable financial support for businesses, they cater to different needs and situations. An MCA from lendDEFYâ„¢ stands out for its flexibility, quick access to funds, and the ability to tailor financing to your business’s unique sales patterns and requirements.

* All programs are unique to the investor, lender, or partner and may require additional stipulations to approve or fund. Not all programs are loans, and some may require the last two years of tax returns or financials. Site visits can be requested on funding amounts that exceed $150,000. Liens or Judgment documentation may be required.  

How Does It Work?

A Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) is a form of financing where a business receives a lump sum of capital upfront from a lender. In return, the business agrees to repay this advance through a portion of its future credit and debit card sales. The repayment process involves the lender automatically deducting a percentage of the daily or weekly card sales directly from the business’s merchant account until the total amount owed is repaid. This total includes the initial amount of the advance plus a fee, which is determined by a factor rate rather than a traditional interest rate.

The unique aspect of an MCA is its repayment structure, which is directly tied to the business’s sales volume. This means that during times of higher sales, the business will repay more, and during slower periods, repayments will decrease accordingly. This flexibility can be particularly advantageous for businesses that experience seasonal fluctuations or unpredictable sales volumes.

To qualify for an MCA, businesses typically need to demonstrate a consistent volume of credit and debit card transactions, as the advance and repayment terms are based on the projection of these sales. The application process for an MCA is generally quick, with minimal documentation requirements, making it an attractive option for businesses in need of fast access to capital or those that may not meet the stricter criteria of traditional bank loans.

While MCAs offer the benefit of quick funding and repayment flexibility, it’s important for businesses to carefully consider the costs associated with this type of financing, as the factor rates can result in higher overall repayment amounts compared to traditional loans.

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