Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate

Rates start as low as 6.99%

Up to 80% LTV

No Minimum Credit Score

Business Owners and Investors in search of commercial real estate funding, lendDEFY™, a private lender based in Georgia, caters to a broad spectrum of commercial property types. This lender collaborates with a network of competitive commercial mortgage providers, ensuring coverage across 45 states for diverse real estate investment needs.

Qualification Criteria:

Varies on the type of program:

Commercial Real Estate

We assist you in securing private real estate funding for all commercial projects, including Office Buildings, Retail Space, Warehouses, Multi-Family, Single-Family, Assisted Living, Hotels, Motels, Industrial, and more.

Foreign Nationals

Our team assists foreign nationals interested in building a business or owning or investing in the United States.

Bridge Loans
Hard Money

Our Hard Money Investors offer fast, flexible Private Money and can include Bridge programs from a real estate perspective, so it makes sense for you.

Fix and Flip

We found real estate investors who understand the Fix-and-Flip Industry to lend to other investors in purchasing distressed properties.

Specific industries may have additional requirements for approval and funding. Ask our representative for more details.*

lendDEFY™ offers a comprehensive range of commercial mortgage products tailored to suit the diverse needs of business owners and real estate investors throughout the United States. Their portfolio includes a variety of loans with competitive rates and terms, crafted to support various investment strategies and financial necessities.

Key Commercial Mortgage Products Offered by lendDEFY™:

  • Commercial Real Estate Loans:
    • Ideal for the purchase or refinancing of owner-occupied commercial properties.
    • Notable features include rapid approvals, acceptance of all credit scores, loan amounts from $150,000 to $50 million, LTV up to 80%, adaptable terms, and competitive rates.
  • Investment Property Loans:
    • Targeted towards real estate investors, covering fix & flip projects, rental properties, and other real estate investments.
    • Loans are available with terms up to 30 years, swift closing times, no initial charges, and amounts ranging from $150,000 to $50 million. LTV can go up to 80%, with starting interest rates at 6%.
  • Bridge Loans:
    • Short-term financial solutions designed for real estate investors, with loan periods ranging from 6 to 24 months.
    • Though carrying higher rates due to the inherent risk, these loans facilitate quick approvals and funding, making them apt for investors in need of prompt capital.
  • Hard Money Loans (Fix & Flip):
    • Specifically crafted for real estate investors engaged in flipping properties. These loans ensure quick closings, high LTVs, and rehab funds for repairs.
    • The loan amounts span from $150,000 to $50 million, with durations between 6 to 14 months, and interest rates from 7% to 14%. Up to 100% of rehab funds are available, providing a significant resource for investors.
  • Jumbo Loans for Investment Properties:
    • Suited for investments over $5 million, lendDEFY™ provides jumbo loans with minimal documentation and simplified closing procedures for substantial transactions.
  • Rental Investment Property Loan:
    • These loans are perfect for investors aiming to acquire multiple properties to generate a consistent stream of rental income.
    • Offering terms of up to 30 years, rates starting at 6%, and LTVs up to 80%, these loans are designed to facilitate long-term investment plans

For precise details on specific loan products, the application process, and to determine which financing option aligns best with your investment strategy, it’s recommended to visit lendDEFY™’s official website or reach out to their customer support for tailored advice.

* All programs are unique to the investor, lender, or partner and may require additional stipulations to approve or fund. We have partnered with licensed mortgage brokers/investors across the country to bring you the most aggressive programs for your business. 

How Does It Work?

lendDEFY™ presents a comprehensive suite of commercial funding products designed to fulfill the varied needs of business owners and real estate investors across the United States. Their portfolio is crafted to accommodate a multitude of investment strategies and financial prerequisites, showcasing loans with competitive rates and adaptable terms. This selection encompasses options for buying, refinancing, and securing swift capital for diverse commercial property types.

Key to their offerings, lendDEFY™’s Commercial Real Estate Loans are notable for their wide reach, serving the purchase or refinancing needs of owner-occupied commercial properties with benefits such as quick approvals, open to all credit scores, and offering loan amounts as high as $50 million. In parallel, Investment Property Loans cater to real estate investors aiming to finance a range of projects from fix & flips to managing rental properties, with the promise of lengthy terms and significant loan-to-value ratios. For those seeking immediate financial support for transitional periods or property upgrades, Bridge Loans and Hard Money Loans offer short-term financial solutions.

Moreover, lendDEFY™ caters to the demands of large-scale investors with Jumbo Loans for investments surpassing $5 million, streamlining the closing process for large transactions. Rental Investment Property Loans are available for investors focused on developing a portfolio of rental properties, promoting long-term investment strategies with appealing rates and terms up to 30 years. Collectively, lendDEFY™’s diverse financial products emphasize their dedication to meeting a broad spectrum of commercial financing needs, thereby fostering investment opportunities throughout the real estate industry.

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