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When you apply, we need a minimum of 3 months of bank statements, cancelled check or bank letter, the business owners drivers license, and a digitally signed application.


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Once we have the application, you can be funded within hours. Our fast approval process is designed to quickly get you qualified through the underwriting department and funds transferred into your bank account.


Our Mission

We are dedicated to helping small business owners achieve success through transparency, integrity, partnership, and grit. We assist our clients in navigating the difficult journey of business ownership and funding.


Why lendDEFY?

lendDEFY™ is a product of Velocity Business LLC, an Accredited A+ Rated Business of the Better Business Bureau. Our programs defy traditional commercial lending by prioritizing Small Businesses. Small Businesses are in the trenches fighting for profits and employing, on average, about ten people per company. These companies are challenged the most to find funding for their companies in an ever-changing market. lendDEFY™ was designed to make it easier for business owners to open business bank accounts, fund working capital, purchase equipment, make payroll, and improve or expand their businesses. 

When Banks Say No…

Banking relationships are no longer important to traditional banks.  They can’t see past credit scores, industry risk, or your collateral. lendDEFY™ approves business loans with no minimum credit scores and the lowest required revenue in the industry. When banks say no…

We Say Yes!!

We have a substantial vetting process to find the most aggressive lending partners and investors to fill the financial needs of our small business clients. Using your real cash flow allows us to get you funding up to $5 million in funding for your business. 


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Our company has been working with Small Business Owners since 2014. We get companies funded when the traditional banks say no. We are Accredited and A+ Rated by the Better Business Bureau.

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Merchant Cash Advance (MCA)

Overall, the advantages of MCAs make them a highly appealing financing option for small businesses needing fast, flexible capital for funding or limited access to traditional bank loans since the big banks have removed relationship banking from your local bank branches. Here are some of the key advantages:

1. **Quick Access to Capital**: MCAs can provide fast funding, often within a few days. This speed can be crucial for businesses needing to cover immediate expenses, such as inventory purchases or emergency repairs.

2. **Easy Application Process**: The application process for an MCA is typically much more straightforward and requires less paperwork than traditional bank loans. This can be particularly beneficial for business owners who do not have the time or resources to navigate banks’ complex loan application processes.

3. **No Collateral Required**: Unlike many other forms of business financing, MCAs generally do not require collateral. Business owners don’t have to risk personal or business assets to secure the funding.

4. **Flexible Payments**: Payments on an MCA are typically tied to the business’s daily sales volume. This means that during slower business periods, the payments made to the MCA provider are lower, which can help businesses manage cash flow more effectively and relieve financial pressure during times of lower sales.

5. **High Approval Rates**: MCAs often have higher approval rates than traditional bank loans. Providers usually focus more on the business’s revenue and sales history than credit scores, making it an option for companies with less-than-perfect credit.

6. **Quick Payoff Schedule**: Unlike traditional loans that have a fixed payment schedule that may last up to ten years, MCA repayments are designed to get the balance paid off quickly. This allows the business to rebound faster after you have used the operating capital accordingly.

7. **Use of Funds**: There are generally no restrictions on how the funds from an MCA can be used. Businesses can use the capital for any business-related expenses, providing flexibility to allocate resources as needed.

Many companies never mention that while MCAs offer several benefits, they also have certain drawbacks, such as higher costs and fees than traditional loans. Businesses need to consider the terms and conditions of an MCA carefully, determine how to modify their existing business plan to pay for the funds, and weigh the benefits against the potential downsides before proceeding.

At lendDEFY™, we guide you the whole way, including discussing all the benefits and drawbacks and refinancing options into better terms as soon as three months after you are funded. Our goal is to help your company strengthen financially so you can determine its future. 


Business Term Loan

Business term loans offer a range of benefits for small businesses, providing a more traditional financing option instead of alternatives like Merchant Cash Advances (MCAs). Here are some of the key advantages of business term loans:

1. **Better Terms**: Compared to other financing options like MCAs, business term loans often come with better overall terms, from time to money factor. This can significantly reduce the total cost of borrowing over the life of the loan.

2. **Fixed Payment Schedule**: Business term loans have a fixed repayment schedule, making financial planning and budgeting easier for small businesses. Knowing the exact payment amount and when it’s due each month helps manage cash flow.

3. **Longer Repayment Terms**: Depending on the loan amount and purpose, these loans can have repayment terms ranging from a few years to as long as 20 years or more. Longer terms can mean lower monthly payments, making it easier for businesses to manage operating expenses.

4. **Large Loan Amounts**: Business term loans can provide significant amounts of capital, often more than what is available through other types of financing. This can be crucial for funding significant investments such as equipment purchases, facility expansions, or long-term projects.

5. **Build Business Credit**: Successfully repaying a business term loan can help a small business build or improve its credit profile. A strong credit history can be beneficial for securing future financing on more favorable terms.

6. **Use of Funds for Specific Purposes**: Term loans can be used for a variety of specific business needs, including purchasing equipment, expanding operations, or refinancing debt. This allows businesses to apply for a loan with a clear purpose and plan for how the funds will be used.

7. **Potentially Tax-Deductible Interest**: The interest paid on business term loans is often tax-deductible, reducing the net cost of borrowing. This can provide an additional financial benefit to small businesses.

8. **Sense of Stability**: Securing a term loan can provide a business with financial stability, allowing for more confident long-term planning and investment in growth opportunities.

While business-term loans offer many benefits, they may not suit every small business. They typically require a strong credit history for approval, and the application process can be lengthy and document-intensive. Additionally, some businesses may find the fixed monthly payments challenging, especially if they experience fluctuating revenue. It’s important for businesses to carefully consider their financing needs and options before deciding on a business term loan.

At lendDEFY™, we guide you the whole way, including discussing all the benefits and drawbacks and refinancing options into better terms as soon as three months after you are funded. Our goal is to help your company strengthen financially so you can determine its future. 


Business Line of Credit (LOC)

A business line of credit (LOC) offers a flexible financing option for small businesses, combining elements of both loans and credit cards into a unique form of credit. Here are some of the key benefits of a business LOC for small businesses:

1. **Flexibility in Usage**: A business line of credit allows companies to borrow exactly what they need up to the credit limit, offering significant flexibility in how and when the funds are used. This can be particularly useful for covering unexpected costs or taking advantage of timely business opportunities.

2. **Control Over Cash Flow**: With a LOC, businesses can smooth out cash flow fluctuations by accessing funds as needed. This can be invaluable for businesses with seasonal revenue patterns or those that experience irregular cash flow.

3. **Only Pay Interest on What You Use**: Unlike a traditional term loan, where interest is paid on the total loan amount from the outset, with a LOC, interest is only charged on the amount of money actually drawn. This can lead to significant savings, especially if the full line of credit isn’t needed immediately or continuously.

4. **Revolving Credit**: Once the borrowed amount is repaid, the credit becomes available again up to the original limit, without the need to reapply. This revolving nature makes it a convenient ongoing source of funds.

5. **Helps Build Business Credit**: Regularly using and repaying a business line of credit can help a small business build or improve its credit rating. A good credit rating can improve the terms of future credit and increase the chances of approval for other types of financing.

6. **Fast Access to Funds**: Once a line of credit is established, businesses can usually draw funds quickly, often with a simple transfer to their business checking account. This immediate access can be crucial in emergencies or when immediate opportunities arise.

7. **Potentially Lower Costs than Credit Cards**: Interest rates for lines of credit are generally lower than those for business credit cards, especially for larger sums of money. This makes a LOC a more cost-effective option for financing larger expenses.

8. **No Collateral Options**: Unsecured lines of credit, which don’t require collateral, are available for businesses with a strong credit history. This means businesses can secure financing without risking specific assets.

9. **Versatile for Many Uses**: A business line of credit can be used for a wide range of purposes, from inventory purchases and equipment repairs to funding marketing campaigns or smoothing out payroll during slow periods.

Despite these benefits, it’s important for businesses to consider the potential drawbacks of a business line of credit, such as fees for maintenance or non-use, and the possibility of interest rates increasing over time. However, for many small businesses, the flexibility and convenience offered by a line of credit make it an attractive option for managing finances and fostering growth.

At lendDEFY™, we guide you the whole way, including discussing all the benefits and drawbacks and refinancing options into better terms as soon as three months after you are funded. Our goal is to help your company strengthen financially so you can determine its future. 


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