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Rodney O'Rourke - President/CEO

For over three decades, Rodney O’Rourke has dedicated his career to the fields of consumer finance and commercial capitalization, with a specialized focus on the latter for more than twelve years. His foray into the finance industry was propelled not merely by professional aspirations but by a deeply rooted dedication to aiding small business owners. O’Rourke has long recognized the indispensable role that small businesses serve in the fabric of the economy, alongside the obstacles they often encounter when navigating traditional financing routes. Motivated by these observations, he endeavored to devise a solution aimed at directly addressing these specific challenges.

O’Rourke’s approach was not to overhaul the existing financial systems but to identify and address a niche that had been overlooked by traditional financial institutions. His objective was to establish a more approachable and supportive financial infrastructure for small businesses, recognizing their distinct narratives and contributions to the economic landscape. The inception of lendDEFYâ„¢ emerged as a direct response to this ambition, aspiring to extend beyond mere financial assistance to foster a partnership that acknowledges and embraces the intricacies and challenges of small business management.

Through the creation of lendDEFYâ„¢, O’Rourke’s ambition has always been to make a constructive impact on the small business community by providing them with necessary tools and support for their prosperity in a competitive ecosystem. His journey has been one of continuous learning and adaptation, driven by an eagerness to understand how to effectively and respectfully serve small businesses. Guided by values such as community support, diversity, and resilience, O’Rourke continues to strive towards enhancing the growth and success of small businesses across various sectors.

The story of lendDEFYâ„¢ begins with its founder, Rodney O’Rourke, who has spent over three decades in consumer finance and more than twelve years in commercial capitalization. O’Rourke’s journey into finance wasn’t just a career choice but a passion project ignited by his deep-seated desire to support small business owners. Recognizing the critical role small businesses play in the economy, yet aware of their struggles with traditional financing methods, Rodney aimed to create a solution that would address these gaps directly.

In 2014, he established Velocity Business, a B2B consulting firm designed to support small businesses in their growth and financial stability. However, Rodney quickly realized that just consulting wasn’t enough; these businesses needed tangible financial solutions to their capital needs. This revelation led to the creation of lendDEFYâ„¢, envisioned as a capitalization arm for Velocity Business, dedicated to serving the financial needs of small businesses more holistically.

LendDEFYâ„¢’s mission was clear from the start: to defy traditional commercial lending norms that often overlooked the unique challenges and needs of small businesses. Unlike conventional banks and lending institutions that rely heavily on credit scores and industry types, lendDEFYâ„¢ chose to prioritize the business’s potential and its owner’s entrepreneurial spirit. This approach has led to a high approval rate for loan applications, providing a lifeline to small businesses that might otherwise be turned away by traditional lenders.

Beyond just offering loans, lendDEFYâ„¢ has committed itself to be a partner for small businesses, guiding them through the complexities of financial management and growth. This commitment is built on a foundation of core values such as transparency, integrity, and passion, all aimed at helping small business owners navigate the often difficult journey of business ownership and funding.

The transition from Velocity Business LLC to lendDEFYâ„¢ marked a significant milestone, symbolizing not just a change in name but an evolution towards becoming a national brand that champions the success of small businesses across the country. This evolution was accompanied by the acquisition of Click Medias, Inc., a digital marketing company, further expanding lendDEFYâ„¢’s ability to support small businesses beyond just financial capital, by also enhancing their digital presence and customer acquisition efforts.

Rodney O’Rourke’s vision for lendDEFYâ„¢ was always about more than just loans; it was about fostering a community of successful, resilient, and thriving small businesses capable of taking on big challenges. Through lendDEFYâ„¢, Rodney and his team have created a beacon of hope and a reliable resource for small businesses, enabling them to achieve their dreams against the odds.


What You Need

When you apply, we need a minimum of 3 months of bank statements, cancelled check or bank letter, the business owners drivers license, and a digitally signed application.


How Long

Once we have the application, you can be funded within hours. Our fast approval process is designed to quickly get you qualified through the underwriting department and funds transferred into your bank account.


Our Mission

We are dedicated to helping small business owners achieve success through transparency, integrity, partnership, and grit. We assist our clients in navigating the difficult journey of business ownership and funding.

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Small Busines Capital

LendDefy™, operating in Atlanta, GA, was created to support small businesses by offering financial solutions teyond traditional criteria like credit scores and industry types. They pride themselves on a high approval rate and provide funds for working capital, equipment purchases, payroll, and business expansion or improvement. LendDefy™  emphasizes fast funding to ensure businesses can quickly react to opportunities or disruptions. Their approach is built around core values like transparency, integrity, and community, aiming to assist companies in achieving financial success.

Commercial Banking

LendDefyâ„¢ offers online banking and money management services for small businesses, aiming to provide complete control over cash flow. It’s not a traditional bank but a financial technology company, offering services like business checking and savings accounts, receipt management, and accounts payable through a platform. Services are FDIC insured up to $2.5mil through Thread Bank, and it includes features like up to 20 checking accounts, savings accounts with competitive APY, virtual and physical debit cards, and integrations with accounting software as well as their partnerships. 

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