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For small business owners, managing employees and finances is no easy feat. When unexpected costs arise or capital isn’t available to make payroll or purchase equipment, it can strain your resources – even impacting the future of your venture. That’s why at lendDEFY™, we look beyond traditional financing criteria like credit score and industry type when evaluating loan applications. With our 96% approval rate², you have an excellent chance of getting the funds you need now, so tomorrow holds endless potential for success!

Unlocking funds may be the easy part – but it’s not enough. Real success requires more than a quick fix; we specialize in helping businesses master their finances and thrive rather than just handing out money to meet our own quotas. For over eight years, lendDEFY™ has been a trusted partner for professionals and entrepreneurs looking to build their business dreams.

Our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau is evidence of our commitment to reliable service in all areas – from starting up your company and staying compliant to building capital and creditworthiness so you can take on Fortune 500 competition. And that’s not even considering our expertise in understanding Dun & Bradstreet’s Paydex scoring system, Experian Intelliscore PlusSM, or Equifax Failure Risk Score – powering better decisions regarding your unique activities at every stage!

Our experienced business experts work with our clients to elevate their paths toward financial success. We guide them through multiple and careful funding steps, helping secure the best terms possible for each opportunity³. Trust lemdDEFY™ to help maximize your potential!

²Approvals were based on companies with $5,000+ per month in provable revenue.
³Success is not guaranteed as all financial products have high risk, and you should research all the terms of the agreements and consult a third party to see if these products are right for you and your company. Improved terms for each stage are not guaranteed as they are subjected to underwriting and unique risk criteria. 


Our Core Values

  • Transparency
  • Integrity 
  • Community
  • Accountability
  • Determination
  • Empathy
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Passion


Our Vision

Defying traditional lending by prioritizing the needs and bandwidth of small businesses.


Our Mission

We are dedicated to helping small business owners achieve success through Transparency, Integrity, Partnership, and Passion. We assist our clients in navigating the difficult journey of business ownership and funding.


Why lendDEFY?

lendDEFY™ is a product of Velocity Business LLC, an Accredited A+ Rated Business of the Better Business Bureau. Our programs defy traditional commercial lending by prioritizing Small Business. Small Businesses are in the trenches fighting for profits and employing, on average, about ten people per company. These companies are challenged the most to find funding for their companies in an ever-changing market. lendDEFY™ was designed to make it easier for business owners to fund working capital, purchase equipment, make payroll, and improve or expand their businesses. 

Fast Funding

For entrepreneurs and small business owners, thinking fast is the name of the game – especially when it comes to financing. Quick business loans make sure you’re ready for any opportunity or disruption that lands in your lap. Know how quickly you can access funding? Check out special programs tailored just for optimizing growth goals. We’ve got all this info plus more on what makes a great quick loan option!

Term Loans

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